"Manzanilla and Deckman's in Baja California, Mexico"

Published in The Financial Times
Text by: Nicholas Lander

Manzanilla was founded by Benito and Solange Molina in 2000. The restaurant is tucked away near the water in Ensenada. Mexico. Benito and Solange Molina chose the specific location for that very reason. "The common heritage, Solange was only too quick to point out, was that all the principal ingredients, except the local quail, come from the cold waters of the Pacific, right on the restaurant’s doorstep. “It is just the ocean,” she quickly responded to my compliments, before going on to give a more scientific explanation: that it is the very deep shelves off Ensenada that are the first stop for the Humboldt Current as it sweeps down from chilly Alaska, conveniently providing so much impeccable fresh seafood."

The interior space is a collaboration of Benito and his mother who is an architect. Manzanilla has been open for 18 years.

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