"Let the Lessee Beware: Car Leases Can Be the Most Binding of Contracts"

Published in The New York Times
Text by: Eric A. Taub

"When Allie Mangel learned that she was losing some of her vision because of a rare condition called Susac’s Syndrome, the last thing on her mind was figuring out how to make her car lease payments."

Mangel's doctor notified the California Department of Motor Vehicles that she should not be allowed to drive due to her vision, her license was suspended, that left her with a car lease of $347 a month for a car (Ford Edge) that she couldn't drive.
Mangel who is 24 and a youth programming coordinator in San Diego, "discovered that even though she was not legally allowed to drive, she was still legally obligated to make her lease payments."

Ford Credit told her that the only way to get out of her lease payments was to join the military or death. 

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