"It's a Terrible Thing to be Told You Have to Kill Someone"

Published in BuzzFeed

Text by: Madison Pauly

Taylor Woolrich crossed paths with an older man, Richard Bennett, while attending high-school, he became obsessed with her and continued to stalk her even while attending college on the east coast. She tried to make sure that she didn't have an online presence but that didn't stop Bennett.

Bennett was arrested in the summer of 2014 and was charged with felony stalking, he couldn't afford his $30,000 bond so he stayed in jail until his trial which took place in 2015. Taylor took little comfort knowing that Bennett was behind bars but she knew that eventually he would be released. "She didn’t allow herself to hope that after a stint behind bars, his obsession with her would have faded. No, she thought, it was best to have a plan. A way to protect herself. She decided she needed a gun. There was one problem: Dartmouth, like the overwhelming majority of American universities, banned handguns on campus. Woolrich had asked for an exception, and the administration turned her down." 

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